Margate, the past and ruins

coastal park project smaller

I would like to propose a new video work that I have been working on for several months which is about Margate and its relationship with past and how that past influences the present. I am interested in the effect of ruined architecture on the psyche of a town.

I have been thinking about Margate it’s relationship with history for some time now.  I volunteered at Margate Museum for several years and I learned a lot about its past during this period. I also got to know many local historians whilst I was there who shared their knowledge with me.

I saw many images of Margate’s past, the images that interested me most are images of Margate in the 1950’s and 1960’s when it was a holiday destination for many, the town was in constant change and progression which gradually slowed over time but now is starting to accelerate again. However, I feel that many are very much still living the shadow of Margate in 1950s and 60s. Much of the architecture remains from Margate’s heyday offering us a glimpse of what was. Margate is littered with monuments to its more affluent past, like great totems to a better time,  long ago in its history. Many of these building are part ruined and I feel that there must be an affect to living in their presence. The video with which I am making hope to recreate this feeling of living under these buildings with their history present in our minds.

The video is of the Lido in Clifonville during a storm last summer.  I think the Lido is incredibly beautiful and evocative despite being part ruined.  I would like to record people interested in local history describing photographs from the Lido’s heyday. I hope to confront the viewer of the film with multiple time periods, the present and the past to recreate how I feel about living in Margate.



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